What Sets Us Apart

Changing Smiles. Changing Lives. Changing Opportunities.

You deserve a smile that’s beautiful, healthy, and filled with confidence – a smile that ensures your wonderful personality shines forth in every interaction!

Dr. Kirk Specht and the Central Coast Orthodontics team would be honored to help you achieve that amazing smile. We offer a personalized, gentle orthodontic experience to create a smile you’ll love for a lifetime. Even better, we make treatment fun!

Why Orthodontics?

We know the power of a great smile. When you know your teeth are straight and healthy, your self-esteem grows and you’re comfortable in social situations. You talk, laugh, and smile with ease, confident you look your best. That confidence, in turn, fosters connections, opens doors, and is obvious to everyone you meet!

Deciding to have orthodontic treatment is deciding to make a positive, lasting change in your life. You’ll transform during your treatment. As you see your new smile begin to take shape, you’ll feel better about yourself, happily talking and laughing with others. By the end of your time with us, you’ll be a new person, with a smile that’s brimming with joy!

Why Central Coast Orthodontics?

We believe changing your life should be an enjoyable process. We’ve created a practice that’s warm, welcoming, and filled with laughter and growing smiles!

  • We offer a Hub Rewards Program to encourage good habits: good dental hygiene, good grades, seeing your dentist every six months, no missed appointments, and following home care instructions.
  • We also offer a VIP Referral Program, drawings for great prizes, and ice cream at every visit!

Our doctors and team members are highly trained orthodontic professionals. We’re also people-oriented and love getting to know each patient. You’ll never be a number on a chart to any of us. We’ll not only remember your name, but your interests and activities. We’ll look forward to your visits as a time to see the progress of your smile and to hear your latest news.

For us, participating in straightening someone’s teeth is fulfilling. We see that person’s life, attitude, and confidence change, from visit to visit. It’s a joy for us to provide this service and love that we’re creating a positive, life-changing smile for someone who’s become our friend.

Complimentary Consultations

Before committing to orthodontic care, it’s important you understand your clinical needs and the treatment options available. Your complimentary consultation will begin with an office tour and conversation.

We’ll talk about how treatment works and the technology and processes we use. And we’ll ask about your concerns, whether you’re thinking about comfort, time, finances, or trust. When the doctor develops your custom treatment plan, he’ll address those concerns, ensuring all your needs are met.

Today is the perfect day to learn more about orthodontics, and how we can make your dreams of a beautiful smile a reality. Please contact our Santa Maria, CA orthodontic office, serving Orcutt, Nipomo, and surrounding communities to schedule your consultation.

Everyone at Central Coast Orthodontics would love to help you develop the confident smile of your dreams. Call, today!